Overcoming Cross-Border Payment Challenges: How dLocal's Invoice Collection Solution Simplifies Global Transactions for International Vendors

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Effortless invoice collection on a global scale

For global merchants invoicing customers in emerging markets, cross-border payments can pose a significant challenge. The collection of these invoices from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, can be complicated due to local regulations, market instability, and currency fluctuations, making it difficult for local businesses to move capital and ultimately leading to complexity in paying their vendors abroad. This usually translates into delayed payments, higher FX volatility risk, and higher DSO for foreign vendors.

One of the biggest hurdles local businesses face when it comes to settling funds abroad, is the access to foreign currency and the need for approval from local tax authorities to make international payments to international vendors. This process can be complex and time-consuming, affecting the whole customer experience.

Effortless invoice collection on a global scale

Allowing corporate customers to pay in their own local currency and with their preferred local payment methods helps to improve customer experience and engagement. As a result, dLocal’s Invoice Collection solution helps global Merchants to gain cash flow predictability, reduce FX risk, improve the DSO, and reduce tax-related complexities.

Beyond cross-border payments, dLocal's Invoice Collection Solution will also assist the merchants' finance, cash application, and accounts receivable departments from a single platform, streamlining and bringing cost efficiencies to internal processes

Key features of dLocal’s cross-border Invoice Collection

Merchants can centralize the invoice collection from 40+ emerging markets under a single platform, unifying processes and leveraging highly-customizable reporting.

The solution offers dynamic FX conversion, allowing invoices issued in USD amounts to be converted to local currency, making it easier for customers to make payments. There are no transfer limits, enabling customers to make payments of any amount permitted by their own banking institution.

Additionally, the solution is designed to comply with all tax specifications and regulatory requirements that vary on a market and industry level.The company also works closely with local authorities to facilitate the expatriation of funds for the companies and service providers it serves.

Start invoicing in no time

Invoice Collection is generally available and can be deployed immediately without coding. Merchants can host the new product on the dLocal dashboard or through a merchant custom domain.

The solution comes in three different product flavors: Merchant-initiated model, Customer-initiated model, and API model. These choices allow merchants to choose the best solution for their business needs and enables them to enjoy a simplified, secure, and seamless cross-border payment experience that assists their business to thrive.

Don't let the complexities of cross-border payments hold your business back. Partner with dLocal today and take advantage of a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use platform that simplifies cross border Invoice Collection.

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