Payouts in Egypt

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Learn how to disburse funds like a local, and how Egypt’s regulatory framework informs digital payments.

Inside Egypt's digital commerce market

Situated in Northeastern Africa, Egypt boasts a population of 111.8 million. With a thriving economy and a robust GDP of $404.16B, it is recognized as one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies. Notably, Egypt’s digital commerce market is experiencing rapid growth driven by its large population, government fintech policies and a remarkable internet penetration rate of 72.2%.

With an annual increase of 12.63%, this thriving market is projected to reach a value of US$9.1B by the end of 2023, presenting significant opportunities for industries like online food delivery, retail shopping, delivery services, ride-hailing, and more. As consumer behaviors in Egypt exhibit unique characteristics, providing locally relevant payment options to cater to distinctive preferences becomes essential.

Understanding Egypt's regulatory framework, and its impact on the digital payments sector

Egypt, like any other emerging market, is complex due to strict government regulations, unique consumer behavior, and economic volatility. As global merchants expand their business operations, there is an increasing need for an efficient and reliable payout solution to facilitate effective fund disbursements, B2B payments, staff payments, and the like.

The government’s focus on financial inclusion and digital transformation has fueled the rapid growth of the fintech sector in the past five years. Reports project digital payments will dominate the Egyptian market by 2025. As businesses adapt to the fast-paced adoption of digital payment methods, the need for a payout solution becomes evident for operating in Egypt.

Emerging market expansions, and payout worries

Fund disbursement is a crucial aspect of every business, demanding a payout solution that aims to optimize payment operations and enhance the overall payment experience of a company and its recipients. The thought of navigating payouts to multiple vendors, staff and partners can be stressful when expanding into new territories.

Especially for global businesses venturing into dynamic landscapes like Egypt, characterized by unique payment behaviors and intricate regulations, as spoken about above.

Key features and benefits of dLocal's Payouts

dLocal’s Payouts enables effortless and efficient disbursement of funds or payments to individuals or organizations. With flexible payment methods like bank transfers and mobile money, advanced features like payment scheduling, batch processing, and seamless integration with the merchant’s financial systems, dLocal’s Payouts empowers merchants operating in dynamic markets like Egypt to thrive and have greater control over their businesses.

Our product caters to merchants across various industries aiming to simplify and automate payment workflows in emerging economies like Egypt. Including:

  • Payroll,
  • Money remittance,
  • B2B payments,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Ride-hailing,
  • Delivery services

Importantly, dLocal’s Payouts supports local currency payments, allowing businesses to send payments in the currency of their choice and making it easier for the Egyptian recipients to receive funds in their national currency, the Egyptian Pound (EGP), through dynamic FX conversion.

Business expansion into Egypt awaits

Despite the complexities of the Egyptian market, it presents significant potential for growth, thanks to its growing population and staggering internet penetration rate, which heavily influences the development of the digital commerce sector.

Leveraging our expertise in assisting global merchants to scale and enhance sales in the Egyptian market, dLocal is uniquely positioned to support your success in payout operations within Egypt. Learn more about how we can help resolve your payment challenges and optimize your payouts in Egypt by contacting our team.

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