Local Issuing: A perfect card payment experience for you and your users

dLocal’s Local Issuing enables global enterprise merchants to connect with billions of underserved emerging market consumers, by giving branded physical or virtual prepaid cards for online and offline transactions, in local currencies.

Local Issuing
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The Challenge

Access local cards for customers in emerging markets

Obtaining prepaid cards in emerging markets can be complex for individuals and businesses. Traditional card providers might not have a presence in these markets, and local banks may be unable to issue bank cards to everyone who needs one. Lack of card infrastructure can lead to financial exclusion, where individuals and businesses are unable to access the financial services they need to thrive.

The Solution

Issue branded prepaid cards for your customers, suppliers, and partners

dLocal's Local Issuing addresses this challenge by facilitating the issuance of local bank cards in emerging markets in Latin America. Local Issuing empowers local banks to issue cards to a broader customer base, facilitating financial inclusion and enabling individuals and businesses in these regions to access the financial services they need.

With Local Issuing, you can:

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