Cash, Unlock instant cash: your gateway to financial flexibility

Cash, Unlock instant cash: your gateway to financial flexibility

Currency and how we transact has changed multiple times over our history. We can track physical money back over 1,000 years to China. Our currency and payment methods evolved as humanity progressed in technology, society, and governance. 

In recent times, what lowered cash use more than anything was the COVID-19 pandemic. Before 2020, many regions, especially those in emerging markets, were cash-based and accepting cash for payments was non-negotiable. Presently, not offering cash as a payment method for digital transactions can deter many users, especially in cash-dominant countries such as Egypt and Morocco.

Cash payment solutions

Benefits of offering cash payments in emerging markets

  • Budget-friendly

    There is time between ordering and paying for the delivery. The gap gives customers the time to save and budget if need be.
  • Unbanked access

    Customers without credit cards can make online purchases.
  • Familiarity

    Many cash voucher providers are known corner stores/retailers, helping your business to build brand trust.
How do cash vouchers for digital payments work?

How do cash vouchers for digital payments work?

Cash vouchers are similar to paying with cash in the store. While the checkout process occurs digitally, customers go to an affiliated store to finish their payment, and receive confirmation.

  1. Step one

    The user will select their preferred cash provider as the payment method during eCommerce checkout.

  2. Step two

    A voucher with a barcode or number is generated, which can be printed or saved on a mobile device.

  3. Step tree

    By visiting one of the stores (usually in the thousands) affiliated with the cash payment method, the user can present the barcode to a cashier, and pay in their local currency.

  4. Step four

    The store will notify you once payment has been completed.

Country coverage for cash payment methods

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