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In August, we announced the expansion of our payments platform to the Middle East and North Africa region (otherwise known as MENA) where rapid internet penetration and projected e-commerce growth is attracting the attention of digital media and SaaS merchants.

As always, our goal is to bridge the gap between the needs of global merchants and the payment and infrastructure-related realities on the ground. This has been our approach for LATAM, China, India and Turkey, and this is how we’re approaching Middle East and Africa. Egypt and Morocco are the first countries in the MENA region where our platform is simplifying acceptance of local payments and handling mass payouts. But we’re not stopping there.

To localize your checkout flows and realize a practically-immediate ROI, we recommend that you implement the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard and CMI, cash methods like Proximo and Fawry, and digital wallets like Amanpay. To learn more about market conditions and payment requirements in these countries, download our Morocco and Egyptcountry guides.

Why we expanded into Egypt and Morocco and why it should be on your expansion list, too.

Before we decided to expand into Middle East and North Africa, we conducted an in-depth market research that showed several positive growth trends in the region. Chief among them was a confluence of regulatory reforms and technology advancements signaling the development of new, prosperous e-commerce markets.


Overall, our research showed that consumers are embracing new ways to buy goods online as they move away from customary traditions such as paying with cash and wanting to see and touch goods before buying them. You can download the complete Morocco country research here.


To learn more about Egypt, download our latest market research here.

If India, Turkey, Brazil or any of the other LATAM countries are on your mind, take a look at our comprehensive insights section for research on e-commerce and payment trends, webinars and case studies. Interested in scheduling a demo – contact us here.

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