Get to know Mark Ortiz, dLocal’s new CFO

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We are pleased to introduce Mark Ortiz, the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of dLocal. Mark brings with him a wealth of experience gleaned from his remarkable 30-year career at General Electric (GE), where he navigated diverse roles across continents, from the United States to Europe and Asia. His journey is not just a testament to his professional expertise but also a narrative of adaptability, ambition, and a deep commitment to fostering financial inclusion.

In this interview, Mark shares insights into his background, the pivotal moments that shaped his career, and his vision for driving dLocal's continued growth and success:

Tell us a little bit about your background:

My 30-year journey at General Electric has been an incredible ride that has shaped me both personally and professionally. Moving across continents from the US to Europe and Asia wasn't just about changing locations; it was about immersing myself in diverse cultures, understanding different business environments, and honing my skills in finance, process optimization, and leadership.

At GE, I had the privilege of working in various roles, each presenting its unique set of challenges and opportunities. Whether it was conducting internal audits to streamline operational processes or spearheading M&A activities, every experience added a layer to my expertise. Working in different regions taught me the importance of adaptability and cultural sensitivity in business dealings. It expanded my perspective, enabling me to approach financial challenges with a global mindset and navigate complex operational landscapes with ease. Moreover, my time at GE instilled in me a relentless drive for excellence and continuous improvement. I learned to thrive in dynamic environments, where innovation and agility are paramount. These qualities have become ingrained in my professional DNA, guiding me to excel in finance, process optimization, and business development endeavors.

After 30 years at GE, why did you decide to join dLocal?

I decided to join dLocal driven by both professional aspirations and personal connection. Professionally, I am fueled by a relentless pursuit of learning and growth, always seeking out new challenges. dLocal's current position of its growth journey aligns perfectly with my ambition to be part of a dynamic and transformative environment. Having led international teams and implemented robust systems at GE, I see an opportunity to contribute to dLocal's impressive trajectory, adding efficiency and scalability to its already remarkable path from a private company to listed company in just seven years.

Moreover, dLocal's focus on emerging markets deeply resonates with me on a personal level. As someone originally from Latin America, I understand firsthand the immense potential these markets hold for digital businesses and the importance of fostering financial inclusion. With approximately 100 million people worldwide expected to join the consumer class in 2024, and 70% of them located in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the opportunities for growth are substantial. This personal connection fuels my commitment to dLocal's mission and strengthens my resolve to make a meaningful impact. In joining dLocal, I am excited to contribute to unlocking this potential and driving positive change in the world of finance and technology.

Can you tell us about your leadership style and how it aligns with dLocal's culture?

My leadership style can be summed up in what I call the triple AAA approach - Ambitious, Adaptable, and Approachable. I believe in setting ambitious goals that push both myself and my team to strive for excellence. Adaptability is key in today's fast-paced environment, allowing us to pivot and innovate as needed. And perhaps most importantly, I strive to be approachable, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute and work together as a team.

I believe all these align very well with dLocal's culture of collaboration and inclusivity, “can do” attitude and being flexible, enabling us to drive success together.

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