Diving into dLocal's Role in Enabling Payments in Emerging Markets: VP of Product Federico Mazzoli Shares Insights on PayPod Podcast

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Federico Mazzoli, dLocal's VP of Product, shared his vision aboutthe payment landscape in emerging markets and how dLocal is partnering with bigenterprises wanting to expand worldwide.

In this ever-evolving world of payments, staying informed about trends is crucial for driving progress. That’s why resources like the PayPod podcast are invaluable for leaders and payment professionals seeking to comprehend this dynamic landscape.

PayPod is a podcast that delves into the rapidly evolving realm of the payments and fintech sectors. In each episode, listeners are treated to insightful interviews with prominent figures from the payments and financial services technology industry. In a recent episode of the PayPod podcast, Federico Mazzoli, dLocal’s VP of Product, was invited to share valuable insights into the world of payments in emerging markets with the podcast host Jacob Hollabaugh.

With a focus on Africa, Asia, and Latin America, Federico discussed the vast potential and business opportunities these regions hold for big enterprise merchants. With operations spanning 40 different emerging markets, dLocal empowers merchants to tap into the entire market share by facilitating the use of relevant local and alternative payment methods. Recognizing that localized payment methods are essential for capturing customer trust and driving conversion.

"We are here to solve that problem under one single API."

Federico Mazzoli, VP of product

Another noteworthy aspect of dLocal’s solution shared by Federico was dLocal for Platforms. This solution provides streaming, ride-sharing, delivery platforms, or marketplaces with a payment infrastructure that allows them to easily accept, split, and send payments between multiple users

"Our solution for platforms helps marketplaces and other types of platforms like social media or ride-sharing apps."

Federico Mazzoli, VP of product

Learn more about dLocal for Platforms

dLocal’s VP of Product also shared that, to navigate the complex landscape in these regions, dLocal has forged deep partnerships with the best legal and compliance teams. Ensuring merchants can operate with confidence, knowing they are in full compliance with local authorities.

Federico’s insightful interview shed light on emerging markets’ tremendous growth potential and exciting opportunities. With dLocal’s robust suite of payment solutions and market expertise, big enterprise merchants can confidently expand their operations, tap into new customer bases, and fuel business growth in these dynamic regions.

Click here to check out the whole PayPod episode.


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