Amazon Kicks Off Localized Payments in Chile with dLocal

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San Francisco, January 21, 2020 dLocal, an award-winning fintech company that specializes in cross-border payments for emerging countries, announced today that Amazon went live with dLocal’s local payments acceptance services in Chile.

“Amazon has a long history of pioneering online innovation and bringing e-commerce to the rest of the world,” said Sebastian Kanovich, CEO of dLocal. “We are honored to enable Amazon customers in Chile to shop on with international and domestic credit cards, including interest-free installments and Amazon Prime Video subscriptions in Chilean Pesos.”

Payments infrastructure in Chile and other emerging countries in LATAM, APAC and MENA is fragmented and complex. Companies that enter these countries without the ability to accept locally-relevant payment methods are often unintentionally limiting their reach and hindering their growth.

dLocal’s award-winning solution enables some of the world’s most innovative companies to gain a competitive edge in emerging countries across LATAM, APAC and MENA. The company has been developing deep expertise in each local country it serves. Its flexible, next-generation payments technology platform supports over 300 local payment methods under one friendly, easy-to-use API.

The platform bridges the gap between the needs of global, online enterprises and payments realities in emerging countries. dLocal operates as the local merchant of record on behalf of its clients, speeding time-to-market and minimizing operational costs. It also provides built-in, value-add services that include automated currency conversion, guaranteed fund repatriation for settlement in the U.S. or Europe, optimization of local payment operations and other localization-related advisory.

To learn more about the e-commerce and payment trends in growth markets including Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and India, check dLocal’s countries data here.

About dLocal

dLocal ( is the only 360 payments platform designed to handle mass online payments in Latin America and other emerging countries across APAC, Middle East and Africa. With dLocal’s single API platform, there is no need to manage separate payin and payout processors, set-up numerous local entities, integrate dozens of isolated acquirers and payment methods, worry about stranded funds overseas, nor undergo heavy operational burdens. By operating as the merchant’s local payments processor in each country, dLocal makes it simple for online companies to reach 2.3 billion digitally-savvy consumers in today’s fastest-growing markets.

Over 450 global e-commerce retailers, SaaS companies, online travel providers, and marketplaces rely on dLocal to accept over 300 locally-relevant payment methods, as well as issue millions of payments to their contractors, agents, and sellers in growth markets around the world. Some of dLocal’s customers include Avast, Banggood,, Constant Contact, Didi, DropBox, GoDaddy, MailChimp, TripAdvisor, Uber, and Wikimedia. Visit for more information.

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