dLocal and Papaya Global Forge Partnership to Support Complete Workforce Payments Globally

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Montevideo, 09 April, 2024 - dLocal, the leading cross-border payment platform, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with payroll and payments platform Papaya Global. The new partnership sees the two platforms join forces to enable companies to easily handle workforce payments globally, including across emerging markets.

The partnership between dLocal and Papaya Global represents a powerful fusion of capabilities, on a mission to enable global organizations to pay employees anywhere in the world, on time, and in local currencies. Mutual customers of dLocal and Papaya are now able to easily pay their employees, partners, freelancers, and suppliers, as well as simplify the checkout process.

The partnership is live in Latin America - including Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, Asia, including Indonesia and Vietnam, and in Africa, with plans to expand to additional territories.

Together, dLocal and Papaya provide a holistic solution in which payroll and payments processes are fully streamlined. This approach enables fast and accurate payments that are compliant with ever-changing local regulations and rely on a fully secured cross-border money transfer infrastructure.

In current markets where customers are utilizing the solution, significant increases in payment volume, delivery rate improvements, and a reduction of customer service issues have been observed.

“In today’s payment landscape, you simply cannot go global without thinking local,” says dLocal Head of EMEA, Agustin Botta. “Leveraging dLocal's solution tailored to specific emerging markets, mutual customers can easily execute payments with full compliance, irrespective of the varied payment ecosystems. Together, we are ensuring our offerings are the highest possible quality for customers to enable them to pay anyone, anywhere."

"The partnership with dLocal is exciting, because it speaks to the core of our mission at Papaya,” says Ori Shilo, VP Business Development and Partnerships at Papaya Global. "Together, we are reshaping the global payments landscape, ensuring a premium payment experience without borders or compromises, and providing our customers with a strong base for scale and growth.”

About dLocal

dLocal powers local payments in high-growth markets, connecting global enterprise merchants with billions of high-growth market consumers across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Through the "One dLocal" concept (one direct API, one platform, and one contract), global companies can accept payments, send payouts, and settle funds globally without the need to manage separate pay-in and payout processors, set up numerous local entities and integrate multiple acquirers and payment methods in each market.

For more information, visit https://dlocal.com.

About Papaya Global

In an ever-expanding world economy, Papaya Global enables organizations to hire globally and pay locally, on time every time. Delivering full compliance and liability coverage, and supporting all employment models, Papaya's platform uses AI to consolidate and automate payroll and payments operations to seamlessly connect HR and Finance tech stacks. Streamlining these business-critical processes optimizes their efficiency and transparency, transforming workforce payments from an organization’s biggest expense and liability, into its strongest strategic asset.

Papaya has recently been named NetSuite International Partner of the Year, as a Leader in NelsonHall’s NEAT Matrix, and recognized by top tier publications including Inc., Forbes, and CNBC. Papaya Global serves customers like E-Toro, SentinelOne, SodaStream, Contentsquare and others, in 160+ countries worldwide. For more information visit https://papayaglobal.com.

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